Mutt - Arte Contemporáneo
Sancho de la Hoz 3470 - Vitacura
+56 9 7387 2168

Mutt Gallery

Created by art dealer Nicolás Mardini, MUTT is a traveling contemporary art gallery; a space that houses exhibitions by both emerging and high-level artists but also serves as an art projects office and a place for art residencies. From the city of Santiago, Chile, the gallery installs itself within buildings that find themselves in a state of transition, whether they are waiting to be demolished or are destined to acquire a different purpose. This nomadic feature portrays MUTT’s goal to seek out high-quality contents and fresh audiences throughout the city, creating a closer connection by offering a lighter conception of place and heavier artistic content.
MUTT works as a gallery through the exhibition and sale of art, working with the particularities of each statement and context of contemporary art and trying to break the market’s formal barriers. It mutates year after year, becoming a space were artists, collectors and art enthusiasts can interact and discover new works of art.


MUTT es una galería nómade de Arte Contemporáneo, ubicada en distintos lugares de Santiago, y que promueve espacios dónde artistas  –tanto emergentes como consolidados–, pueden realizar exposiciones, residencias y diferentes tipos de proyectos.
MUTT busca mostrar lo mejor del arte actual, en relación con las particularidades de cada discurso y contexto, creando un canal de interacción entre creadores, coleccionistas y amantes del arte de todo el mundo, con la finalidad de promover nuevos artistas y discursos.

Nicolas Mardini – Director.
Nicolas Rodriguez –  Director